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Wellbeing - Introducing a Trauma Informed Approach: The Stress Factor – Getting the Balance Right



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Introducing a Trauma Informed Approach

The Stress Factor – Getting the Balance Right

The Stress Factor-Getting the Balance Right is the first in a series of NEPS e-learning programmes introducing a trauma informed approach to supporting the wellbeing of all students and staff in schools. The focus in this first short course is on the impact of stress on wellbeing. Stress can be positive or negative and this training aims to help schools create environments that get the balance right for all. School staff will learn that pupils perceive their ability to cope with the typical demands of the school day differently. This depends on many factors from individual abilities and temperament to environmental factors such as supportive or challenging home and community settings.

Familiar and new approaches based on research and the experience of NEPS psychologists are used to guide thinking, planning and action. By adopting the approaches in this training school staff will build resilience for all and support recovery for those affected by trauma and adversity.

At times circumstances beyond our control such as the COVID 19 pandemic, war, major emergencies and disasters can impact on us all. The approaches covered in this training help create a foundation for managing the unexpected.

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